The shipping industry is a strategic component of the Indonesian national economy. Government policies have been proactively supporting the growth of national shipping companies and will continue to do so. As a result, the demand for logistics and delivery facilities in the coal sector has increased significantly.

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Simplify Your Husbandry/Owner Matter Process with Our Reliable Services. We are your premier partner for crew change services in Indonesia. With our extensive experience and trusted reputation, we offer efficient and reliable solutions to ensure smooth crew changes, supplies, delivery and etc.. for your good vessels. Our professional team is ready to handle all logistical aspects, including transportation, accommodations, and official documentation, allowing you to focus on your vessel's operations. Additionally, we provide competitive visa processing services, ensuring a hassle-free process for your crew members. Furthermore, we offer medical assistance and crew evacuation services in case of illness or emergencies. Your satisfaction is our top priority. Trust us with our Husbandry services and experience the best-in-class efficient, reliable, and professional service.